5 Irrigation System Evaluation

Irrigation System Evaluation Objectives:

  • You will learn that a layout sketch of an operation is invaluable for making notes on during an evaluation. Pressures and flow rates can be noted on the sketch for later reference.
  • You will learn that pressure in an important measure of application uniformity. A portable pressure gauge is a good management tool.
  • You will learn a relatively simple way to measure application uniformity using catch cans.
  • You will learn how to measure sprinkler nozzle and drip emitter discharge for comparing for uniformity.
  • You will have an understanding of methods by which an irrigation system can be evaluated.

The irrigation system can be evaluated each year to check uniformity of pressure and water application. Uniform application is particularly important for container (out-of-ground) production because water cannot move laterally to supply adjacent plants as it can in many soils. Three methods of evaluating uniformity of an irrigation system will be discussed briefly. These are ways to check your system to see if it is working properly.